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Using function for infoTemplate, content is for the wrong feature, only in IE

Question asked by schlot on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2015 by schlot

In my project, I am using the click event of a featureLayer to executes the function setWindowContent for its infoTemplate.  Within that function, it runs a queryAttachmentInfos to get the first image, so I can include it in the tag too.


This works fine in Chrome.  In IE, the first time I click a feature, I receive an infoWindow with the right contents, but it doesn't use the format function. It displays output as if you set your content as ${*}.    Once you click again and for all subsequent clicks, then the format is correct, but the contents are wrong, it's "off" at least one.  The information is actually from a feature before, not the one I've just clicked.  It doesn't seem to even be just the previous one, sometimes it's two clicks off.


Can someone help me fix what I'm sure is a scope problem?  I'm testing this in IE 11.


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