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Add polygon coordinates via dynamic variables

Question asked by jonczerniak on Oct 21, 2015

Hi everybody!


I have a function which takes the XY coordinates from a point layer and then passes those coordinates to a couple of variables.  Those values are then assigned to other values which compute 4 coordinate pairs which are meant to be used as a list of coordinates to a create polygon via the esri/geometry/Polygon module.


Passing the values works like a charm and the additional variables are all defined.  In fact the entire code runs, but it doesn't produce the desired results which is a square. 


Side note: I know it's the variables because if I assign some hard numeric values to the addPoly function and not the variables the desired polygon will be produced.  Thanks for your time!




function addPoly(){

        //assign values to the square coordinates

        var x1 = Number(xpoint + 201.168);

        var y1 = Number(ypoint + 201.168);

        var x2 = Number(xpoint + 201.168);

        var y2 = Number(ypoint - 201.168);

        var x3 = Number(xpoint - 201.168);

        var y3 = Number(ypoint - 201.168);

        var x4 = Number(xpoint - 201.168);

        var y4 = Number(ypoint + 201.168);


     //check to see if values were assigned  

     alert("Your values are " + x1 + " " + y1);



        //add polygon symbology

        var polySymbol = new SimpleFillSymbol().setColor(null).outline.setColor("blue");

        var polyLineSymbol = new SimpleLineSymbol();



        var polygon = new Polygon({

            "rings": [


                [y1, x1],

                [y2, x2],

                [y3, x3],

                [y4, x4],

                [y1, x1]




            "spatialReference": {

              "wkid": 102100



          alert("graphic should add next"); Graphic(polygon, polySymbol));