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Misalignment of attribute inspector custom buttons?

Question asked by timdine on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by timdine

I've got an issue with the placing of a new custom button next to the Delete button on the attribute inspector and could use a hand in figuring out how to have it line up correctly.


I'm using the example at Using the attribute inspector | ArcGIS API for JavaScript to modify the existing Attribute Inspector in the Editor found in the Web Application Template.


My code looks like


var relatedRecordsButton = new Button({ label: "Get Related", "class": "saveButton" },domConstruct.create("div"));

relatedRecordsButton.on("click", getRelated);,  this.editor.attributeInspector.deleteBtn.domNode, "after");


The result looks like:




With the new custom button overlapping the delete button.  Does anyone have any suggestions to solve this?