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Get values after query

Question asked by Adityakumar529 on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by Adityakumar529

Hi Users,

I am using an existing example to perform a query when I am drawing a polygon and it will give me the count of all the features inside it.

Mentioned below is the code.


function initSelectToolbar (event) {

          selectionToolbar = new Draw(;

          var selectQuery = new Query();


          on(selectionToolbar, "DrawEnd", function (geometry) {


            selectQuery.geometry = geometry;

            DREAM_2D .selectFeatures(selectQuery,






function sumGasProduction (event) {

      var  countOfFeatures = 0;

          arrayUtil.forEach(event.features, function (feature) {




          dom.byId('messages').innerHTML = "<b>Number of points selected: " +

                                            countOfFeatures + " wells. </b>";




But after getting the count I need to get the details of each and every point which got selected during the query.

Can someone please help me to resolve it.