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Qt Web View Module not Installed

Question asked by deleted-user-AYsXjhkrwuAA on Oct 12, 2015
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I have installed AppStudio for ArcGIS on Windows from the beta 4 download (v, and am trying to add a WebView to an app but am receiving the error message at build that;


module "QtWebKit" is not installed

  import QtWebKit 3.0


I had been following the samples from Qt for the QML WebKit Web View.  I also tried with the Qt Web View 1.0 available from 5.5 but this doesn't seem available either.


The what's new indicates that the Web View is available but I'm not sure which we should be using. Can anyone provide some advise and an example that will work with AppStudio for ArcGIS please?


I tried both the windows x64 and x86 versions.