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Standard Query Widget : Complex Selection

Question asked by bokeefe on Oct 8, 2015
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I'm trying to duplicate query functionality from another web-based application we have internally, but I want this in the Query Widget on a WAB-built map. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.


Desired Functionality

The web page I am trying to mimic allows users a large selection of query options. One way it does this is by offering selection choices similar to the following example:

[ Field 1 ]

  • All Choices
  • First Option
  • ... middle Options
  • Last Option
  • Null


So basically, in field 1 the user can build a query to retrieve all records that are using that field by selecting :

  • All records where this field has ANY entry. If the database table that this field is in only has two records, Yes and No, then you can select all records that have Yes or all records that have No.
  • You can select any SINGLE entry, from the first to the last. This returns all records where this field holds the selected entry.
  • All records where this field is empty, not just blank but null.


Can this be done with the Query Widget? If not, is there another way to accomplish this?