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Has the 3.14 API code been updated recently?  An unaltered web map is no longer functioning

Question asked by azendel on Oct 7, 2015
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I put together a web map that was heavily tested in both IE (the default browser in VS Web Developer Express) and Chrome.  Our web master then incorporated it into our website.  We did a demo of the website last Tuesday, Sept 29 and did not run into issues.  But since then, the map will only load in Chrome if you hit the refresh button several times.  The map won't load at all in IE.  The web master is quite certain that he hasn't edited the code anywhere in the website (he's been working on other projects).


So I open my VS project and then ran debug against IE and I'm getting:



Although it's been weeks since I worked on this project, I'm pretty sure that I was not receiving that error before.  If I had, I wouldn't have handed it off to our web master.  Also, I take manual snapshots of my code anytime it's working well and before I try to add new functionality -- kind of like a manual source control.  Those previous versions of my code are now throwing the same error when they didn't before.  I have deleted the caches on my browsers numerous times.  Issues with the live web page were occurring on three different PCs


I know it may sound far fetched, but a change in the 3.14 code is the only thing that makes sense to me and two other co-workers.  Does ESRI change code between releases?  Do they apply bug fixes to code that's been previously released to the public and in use?  Or would they wait until 3.15 to make any modifications?


I realize that I could be totally barking up the wrong tree and I'm open to all suggestions, responses, and wake up calls.  I've attached all of the code that should be necessary to run my map and charts