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Grouping layers in Web App Builder?

Question asked by SNAlliance on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by 96213@charlottenc.gov_charlotte

Hello everyone,


I tried to ask this question back in July but I might not have been clear. I wish I could categorize (group) the layers in my app, as I have 40+ layers to view from 3 distinct geodatabases (Natural Resource, Community, Environmental Assessment).


Currently I can see no other way to display the layers but to list one on top of another, no grouping option, no toggling option, no ability to categorize, not even a css box for the layer list here, if it existed I could find and insert code to organize better. I am stuck with this:


Has anyone had any luck customizing the layer list at all? I wish I had the authorization to enter code to make it look more like this:

So viewers could click on a category to see layers in that classification.


I have found no long-term solutions, in WAB, tech support, or ESRI ideas. We are forced to seek solutions with API for developer now, so if anyone has code that would be applicable in that platform, any help is appreciated.


Thank you!