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Coded Domain Value display

Question asked by evtguy on Oct 2, 2015

I didn't notice this until I had to split an app into an "editing" version and a "viewing" version. My editing app allows the user to add features and several of the attribute fields have coded domains to help standardize values. While editing using the Editor widget (and I suspect the same with the attribute inspector widget), the drop down box of possible values to chose from for any coded domain field displays the longer, descriptive label (the Description column in the screenshot) instead of the value that's actually stored in the attribute field. In the viewer app, however, the value that is returned to an infoWindow is the value that is stored in the attribute field (the code column in the screenshot).


Is there any way to display the more descriptive label component of the coded domain or do I have to actually use that as the value to store in the attribute?