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Identify feature class within feature dataset

Question asked by mlou on Oct 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by kevinm1

I have a list of feature class names I want to feed into a script, and one of the things I need the script to do is determine whether each feature class is held within a feature dataset (as then the script will treat the FC differently).


Using Describe I can identify feature classes and feature datasets, however I cannot determine whether a FC is within a FD.  I can list children of a FD, but not parent of FC.


Is there another way I can easily determine whether a specified FC is held in a FD?


The list of FCs is output from a third-party table, so doesn't reference feature datasets.  The FCs are contained in a database that has many feature datasets and hundreds of feature classes.  While I know I could Describe all the FDs in my database and compare the children to my list, I imagine this would take a long time, when my list only contains about 60 FDs and only about 15 of them are in FDs.


EDIT: If possible I would like to determine the name of the Feature Dataset, not just if there is one.  Data is in a SDE Geodatabase (SQL Server)




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