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Identify Widget - Attribute Widget Link (don't waist valuable Map visibility)

Question asked by Bayswater53 on Sep 24, 2015
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I was wondering if it was possible to engage the Attribute Widget when using the default Identify Widget and in general many other searching widgets that get developed. My reasoning is that popups and widget search, etc displays that sit within the map display use up valuable map display space. Users loose that valuable map interface experience. I have started to use the Jewelry Box Theme from what's available, which would be the ideal candidate to resolving this issue, however the draw back at this stage in this theme is that you cant use multiple displays for docking and or tabbing from what I can gather. You can only set up one widget.


If the identify widget could be configure to allow the administrator to integrate with the attribute widget, set display settings, etc and allow for docking within a theme this would open up real estate for the end user to see the complete map display for a better experience. Maybe the identify widget could have extra configuration controls to allow for hiding of the search display if the point selector is used solely, with the user then simply clicking the on identify icon and then the map entity with the attribute table displaying the results and map zooming.


Please see image below of what I'm trying to achieve in WAB Developer edition to make the end users experience less frustrating with displays covering the map. I've configured the Enhanced Search widget in the jewelry box theme and it does a nice job because it talks to the attribute table and keeps the map display clean. A side question - Could this widget allow for custom field selection in the attribute table results display that is separate to the general selection? At the moment they are the same values.

This question is probably more broader then the title suggests, but at least it will start the conversation. I'm talking more about a corporate desktop experience not and mobile one in this context as there doesn't seem to be any designated theme developments in this area from what I can gather.


If I have got this wrong, please point me in the right direction.