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XY Event Source layer and its Output Statistics field in Query Layer for count of all entities

Question asked by on Sep 24, 2015


I have a published map service at my server which holds up 14 different types of layers and 4 additional tables as well.

When trying to query each one of those layers everything works perfectly fine.


Here are the most basic and minimal parameters I insert - Where: 1=1, Input Spatial Reference: 2039, Output Spatial Reference: 2039

The results returns perfectly fine on all layers.


When I insert the syntax below at the Output Statistics field, the result should show a count of all entities instead of returning a list of all entities and for most of the layers it works perfectly fine! except one specific layer which is an XY Event Source Data Type.


This layer is just a reflection of a table containing XY columns but yet it's published any other feature layer in the service and when trying to count it with the syntax below it throws a generic error of "unable to complete operation".



Here's the count syntax for the REST services screen for the Output Statistics field -



DId anyone happen to try this before?

I actually found this problem through the count widget in the operations dashboard

the count widget just doesn't show a number from the above reason