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Custom Widgets as an add-in?

Question asked by sclark98 on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by phbenito

After reading this thread (from March) that asked about custom widgets being exposed to non-developers, Deploy Custom Widget to Portal for ArcGIS


I am wondering what the latest on this workflow.


Simply put, I like the way Add-Ins work for ArcMap and Silverlight Viewer = anyone can create an application and then add in a custom tool/widget developed by developers. Should we not be able to do the same with thing with embedded WAB within Portal? I understand a developer can create an app with the custom widget and make that available but what about non-developers that want to use a custom widget that I have built? Ideally, I would like to publish this custom widget on an IIS web server and be made available to anyone making an app in Portal.


It appears I can create a Template with the custom widget but is this the only option for users wanting to create an app with the custom widget?


So, what is the latest on this workflow with 1.2 or later?