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problem with WMTSLayer()

Question asked by t.nowakowski on Sep 18, 2015



I'm trying to load map tiles from this service - using this code:


var options = {
    serviceMode: "KVP",
    layerInfo: new WMTSLayerInfo({
            identifier: "Mapa_podklad",
            tileMatrixSet: "EPSG:2180",
            format: "png"
var wmtsLayer = new WMTSLayer("", options);

map = new Map("map");


Everything loads without errors, but map does not look right. Most of it is empty and when i scroll it to far right I can only see few tiles that should be the left side of the map.


I checked what's going on and I found out that most tiles request gets error message from server "Row is out of range" (like this one:… ) and only some are fine (… )


In capabilities of this service this zoom level (<TileMatrix>) "EPSG:2180:0" is defined this way:



But if you check URLs i mentioned you will notice that ArcGIS is trying to load tiles form out of this bounds like row 18 and column 22.


I also debugged the WMTSLayer object. ArcGIS managed to properly load endTileCol and endTileRow, but startTileCol and startTileRow are set to 0 instead of 23 and 18 respectively. I'm guessing this is main reason why map is not displayed properly.


Is it possible to force ArcGIS to read MinTileRow and MinTileCol values corectly? Or is this some bug in ArcGIS code? Sadly I cannot modify the tile service.


Please help.