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Mosaic Dataset: publishing job didn't succeed

Question asked by eersoy on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by gsumerlingesriaustralia-com-au-esridist

Hi everyone,


I've topology maps including whole country.(Count: 4400, format .ecw, summary file size:30GB)

I created mosaic dataset from  file geodatabase source. All functions of mosaic dataset could be displayed unproblematic however i didn't create image service.

the process executes so much time (1h 43m) and the system gives error (error:the server’s publishing job didn’t succeed)) when i click on the right button on a mouse to mosaic dataset on Arccatalog


Use Configuration;

ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 (Server A)

Mosaic Dataset (Server B)

Desktop 10.3.1 (Server B)

Mosaic Dataset Source Data (Server C)


(When I create mosaic dataser from one topology map in the sam system configuration topology map can be published add image service and I can display it )


Thanks for your help.