What Three Words - Global Addressing System

Discussion created by jmward on Sep 15, 2015
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I saw a tweet today about immigration offices in Thailand having three word addresses and was directed to this site -


I watched the video and checked out the map.  It is an intriguing system, I was wondering what you folks thought about it.


I assign addresses in my position as well as deal with addresses in error, or people that don't know their address (it happens more than you would think).  Remembering three words would be easier than a number a street a city a state/province and a postal code.


There's less to screw up, but my initial thoughts are spelling and transposition.  Also regardless of how much easier it is to remember three words you still need to get there using the transportation network.  Emergency personnel can use parts of a traditional address to know the general location of an incident whereas with three random (and they are random) words nobody is going to know where that is until they plug it into the web site.


What do you think about it?