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Print map with secured WMTS layer using Export Web Map task

Question asked by VApteesriaustralia-com-au-esridist Employee on Sep 15, 2015
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I am trying to print a map that contains secured WMTS layer as basemap and some operational layers. I have read article Printing maps that contain secured services—Documentation (10.3 and 10.3.1) | ArcGIS for Server


However, the above article seems to pertain to printing secured ArcGIS server service. The basemap service I am trying to print is a non-esri secured WMTS service with basic authentication (401 challenge in browser) I am not sure username and password I stored in the Export Web Map Task in a custom toolbox will work for WMTS. I get error below trying to send map JSON.


Executing: ExportWebMap " {"mapOptions":{"showAttribution":true,"extent":{"xmin":16055389.637985548,"ymin":-4594960.104620628,"xmax":16192976.288898917,"ymax":-4503235.670678381,"spatialReference":{"wkid":102100}},"spatialReference":{"wkid":102100},"scale":577790.5542889956}, "operationalLayers":[{"id":"layer0","title":"layer0","opacity":1,"minScale":591658710.9091313,"maxScale":564.2497164995802,"url":"","type":"wmts","layer":"cfm","style":"default","format":"image/png","tileMatrixSet":"XYZCompatible"},{"id":"mapDiv_graphics","opacity":1,"minScale":0,"maxScale":0,"featureCollection":{"layers":[]}}], "exportOptions":{"outputSize":[800,1100],"dpi":96}}" C:\Users\myname\Documents\ArcGIS\1bbb03a94e3a45e284f49fd83c94ebae.png PNG8 # MAP_ONLY

Start Time: Tue Sep 15 17:23:22 2015

Layer "layer0": Failed to create layer from service at .

Client tried to access password-protected page without proper authorization.

Failed to execute (ExportWebMap).

Failed at Tue Sep 15 17:23:22 2015 (Elapsed Time: 0.36 seconds)


Has anyone managed to print secured WMTS layer using Export Web Map task? If so, what technique was used?