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JS API - Select map features and add to array

Question asked by nowinski on Sep 15, 2015
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I've been asked to add a map to an existing ASP.NET data collection form. ArcGIS API for JavaScript seems like the best way to do this, but I've always struggled a bit with JavaScript. Any suggestions appreciated.


Users want to select multiple polygons from the map. They would like to make selections with individual mouse clicks, not by drawing/dragging selection box around polygons. Values from the data collection form (including selected polygon names) are saved to SQL Server tables when users click ASP.NET "Save" button.


So, basically, I'm looking for help with adding/removing polygon values to/from a Javascript array(?) with each mouse click on the map. Then, at ASP.NET button click event, JS array needs to be converted to C# values and from there insert into the DB.