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Argis runtime .net display xy from a datatable

Question asked by kschuett on Sep 11, 2015
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Hi all,


I just have a quick question. I know you can display xy data in arcobjects using itable. What I want is to put point data from a database in a .net datatable then project them on a map using runtime vs arcobjects. In arcmap i use display xy from a sql table. I read the developer help and can't see anything that resembles this. Graphic layer maybe but it seems everything is from a gis service and that's an extra step I was hoping to avoid. My data updates every 15 seconds on the source database but has less then 100 points so I was hoping to keep the steps to a minimum.


Can I use arcobjects and runtime in the same application? Everything makes me think I can't but I might try that.....


As a side note I use c# and wpf hence the interest in runtime. I wanted to add mapping to a preexisting dashboard and the source database is not some thing I can manipulate so I manipulate the data in the application. Thanks all sorry if it's a dumb question I am just about to give up though.