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Retrieve layer name in QueryTask response.  Possible??

Question asked by peterlen on Sep 9, 2015
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I am using the QueryTask.execute call to do some queries against some map service layers.  The response to the callback function is a feature set.  Currently, I am making my QueryTask calls in a synchronous fashion is that I wait until a QueryTask request is completed before making another request to the next map layer.  I was doing this so that I could keep track of which feature set went with which layer.  I want to be able to run the QueryTask requests asynchronously, however, so that all the results come back much faster.  In that case, I am just in a loop for each layer I want to query and submit a QueryTask.  The loop has completed before any of the features sets are returned.  The problem is that when I am in the callback function with the feature set response, I can't tell which layer the feature set results are for.  I can't set any local variables because those variable values will change before they can be appropriately used.  I tried looking at the various feature set properties but could not find anything that would tell me which layer was queried.


Does anyone have insight into whether I can obtain the layer name / url that was used in the QueryTask withi the callback function once the Query Task has completed?


Thanks - Peter