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How to return the query ids from a featuretable to the function or code that requested it?

Question asked by paul.haakma on Sep 3, 2015

Hi all.


I'd be interested to know how others would approach this:


Say I want to query a feature table. The following code takes a query and fires a request to the featuretable which results in a list of queryIds.




In the featuretable I then put some code within the onQueryIdsStatusChanged handler which does something with the list of Ids. All good.


But, what I really want is the following:


var listOfIds = myFeatureTable.queryIds(query);


The reason could be that maybe I want to fire off two different queries at the same time to the featuretable and work with both sets of results. Or perhaps I have a dozen places in my app that fire off requests and do different things with the results - how do I then return the list back to the function/code that called it in order to work with that list?


E.g. this is what I would ideally want:


var listOfIds1 = myFeatureTable.queryIds(query1);

var listOfIds2 = myFeatureTable.queryIds(query2);

// do some stuff with the two lists....


So the question is: how to return the result back to the function that actually requested it?