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Using Layer Info Links in WMS Layer

Question asked by chagan02 on Jul 8, 2014

I'm trying to incorporate the following link, into the following code and cant figure it out.  Have made various attempts but am unsure of where exactly to place the link.


Info Layer link: nowCOAST Layer Info Retrieval


   var layers = new WMSLayerInfo({});
   var resourceInfo = {extent: new Extent(-126.40869140625, 31.025390625, -109.66552734375, 41.5283203125, {wkid: 4326}),layerInfos: [layers]};
   var wmsWarnLayer = new WMSLayer('', {resourceInfo: resourceInfo,visibleLayers: ['WARN_SHORT_TOR','WARN_SHORT_SVR','WARN_SHORT_FLW','WARN_SHORT_FFW'],"visible":false, opacity:0.7});
   wmsWarnLayer.version = "1.1.1";