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create lines dynamically from xy-data stored in an Oracle DB

Question asked by tobias.bruehlmeier on Aug 27, 2015



This is my setup:

Oracle DB 11g

A view containing xy coordinates of start points and end points for lines

ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3

ArcGIS for Server 10.3

ArcGIS API for JavaScript


This is what I'm supposed to do:

A map app, built with ArcGIS API for JavaScript, should show this lines. It's very important to know that these lines must be built directly out of the view; meaning, the map must only be the graphic representation of this view.


What is the best strategy to achieve this?

  1. Build the lines with JavaScript? Possible, but could be very slow.
  2. Build the lines with ArcMap? I've only found a tool called "xy to line tool"; I guess this is only to create line objects and store them physically.
  3. Build the lines with Oracle, as part of the view? Then how?


Any hints?