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Description tab displays error "The item's XML contains errors."

Question asked by aicbasissupport on Aug 26, 2015
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Hi All,


Good day!

In ArcCatalog, in description tab of the table it displays "The item's XML contains errors." . In Customize -> ArcCacatalog Option - > Metadata I have changed the Metadata Style to "FGDC CSDGM Metadata" but same error displays (see attached image for the error). Our ArcGIS Desktop is fresh installed.


  • Version: ArcGIS desktop 10.1.3
  • Database Connection to: SAP HANA SPS 10


Is there are post steps I missed or need to do some configurations in ArcGIS? Asking for advise or resolutions on this.


Thank you so much in advance!



AICS Basis Team