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Issues creating Point Density layer

Question asked by dmensah2 on Aug 25, 2015
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Right now I'm in the process of analyzing some data. I have 4 columns which consist of date, acre size, longitude and latitude. There are over 70,000 records and it's in the form of a shapefile feature class. The data are all points plotted from the X, Y data. I'm trying to map something as simple as the density of the locations of each record per square mile using the Point Density tool, but every time I do it get values of ONLY 0. This is my first time using this tool and I've checked multiple sources on how to use and interpret the tool, but for some reason it's not working properly for me. My map just ends up with a raster layer of entirely 1 color and tells me nothing about the density of the data.


What am I doing wrong?


Also, let me know if I need to clarify on certain points.