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SDE Lost DBMS Connection

Question asked by dalejs on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by dalejs

I have two applications done in Visual Studio 2012.  Within these applications are similar search routines that are done on a sql server.  These applications are used daily by multiple users and have been for years. 


Within the past 3 months there have been 3 SDE_E_SE_LOST_DBMS_CONNECTION errors on different machines running the apps.  2 errors were on one application, 1 error on the other.


Now in tracking this down this is the info on error:


Error: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80050199

Error Number: -2147155559

This translate to -409


Which is saying the same thing: SDE_E_SE_LOST_DBMS_CONNECTION - The application can no longer connect to the underlying DBMS.


The last time this occurred the user had let the application sit for about an hour and it threw the error when they went to do a new search.


On all the errors the user restarted the applications and they worked fine.


I am a programmer/developer and I know how servers and things work but I do not deal with them.  On approaching the powers that be on the servers I am told the problem is in the code, the end, as such I have no access to server logs, etc.


So here I am with a random error that points to a lost dbms connection.  If it is something in the code I am open to any suggestions.


My question is:  is there any way I can track/log any type of connection error from the client side, or do I need to better understand the error that is occurring?


Thank you for your time.  Dale,