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Domain Value in ArcGIS Javascript API

Question asked by hcc1112 on Aug 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by sarahclark

Dear Alll,


There is a problem that I faced in QueryTask with using infotemplate.


The infotemplate not allow to show Domain value from Geodatabase.


It only showed the code.



Are there any ways to display Domain value instead of the code value via query in ArcGIS Javascript API???


Thanks for your help!


I also attached the code of my query task for all your information and comments


var _treeInfoTemplate = new InfoTemplate ();

  _treeInfoTemplate.setTitle("<b>Tree Information</b>");

  var _treeInfoContent =

  "<div class=\"HKInfoContent\"></div>"


  "<b>Tree ID:</b><br>${TREE_ID}<br><br>


  <b>Record Date:</b><br>${RECORD_DT:DateFormat(selector: 'date', local: true, fullYear: true)}" +_treeInfoContent);