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Layer List Widget (Beta) Button and Drop Down Menu Button not working

Question asked by sfisher on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by qiyigis

I know the Layer List Widget is still in Beta at v3.14, but I have been trying to add a Button (dijit.form.Button), or even better would be a Drop Down Menu Button (dijit.DropDownMenu) to the Layer List Widget via the button property.  I can add the button and it shows up fine, but the click event is not firing, so the button is useless.  I have tried using both a button and drop down menu button and tried using the LayerList button and content properties and both result in the same; the buttons show but do not work or fire the events.  It almost seems like the events are blocked.  It also seems like the button and content properties only support showing the parent node, no child nodes seem to display, so this could be related.


Has anyone successfully implemented buttons on the Layer List Widget?  and if so how?