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Bug? Editor Widget & Search Widget not playing nice together

Question asked by evtguy on Aug 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by evtguy

Having just added the Search widget into my project, I discovered some unexpected behavior. My app is patterned after this sample. To start, I add a new feature by clicking on one of the predefined options found in the editor widget:




Next, I go over to my Search Widget and look for an address (using a locally hosted Geocoder service):




I close the geocoded popup and clear the contents of the widget by clicking the X in the input field. Now, if I go back to the point I previously created (or any other feature for that matter), the infoWindow that comes up is a copy of the geocoded result infoWindow:




That's pretty weird. The only way to "reset" things is to reload the page.


It's bad enough I can't use custom infoWindows when I using the Editor widget but this makes things even worse.