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Select features based on daily and ongoing dates

Question asked by elove on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by csgeosol1


I am pulling information from a web service in which I parse out the data to be stored in a 10.2 file geodatabase and then displayed on a web map showing only those events occurring for the next week from the current date. Most events are only one day, so this works fine. The problem I have is that some events are ongoing and if I pull from the start date field, I eventually lose them because it is 7 days past the current date. There is an EndDate field, so those events that are ongoing will have a different start and end date, I am just not sure how to represent not only features that start on the current date plus a week out, but also those that are ongoing between their start and end date. I am using the feature class to feature class tool in model builder with the following expression to create the feature class showing weekly events:


StartDate <= (CURRENT_DATE + 7) AND StartDate >= CURRENT_DATE



Is there a way to also select those features that are ongoing from the current date using the StartDate and EndDate fields?


Thanks for any advice!