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Attribute Table Revision to Ensure Filter by Map Extent is Checked by Default (WAB Dev v. 1.2)

Question asked by daniel.stoelb on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by daniel.stoelb

In the previous version of WAB Developers Edition (1.1), you were able to change the widget.js code at line 185 from:




This would then enable the filter by map extent was active, even if the checkbox was not checked in the Attribute Table widget.


In looking through and playing around with WAB Developer Edition v1.2, I've found the this.matchingmap to be at line 145, but even after making it set to true, it's still not filtering by the map extent.  I do see there is a new entry called this.matchingcheckbox = null, but I've tried changing values to 0, 1, true and nothing is working.   Has anyone figured out what code needs to be updated to make this work?