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Cleaning up layer list on Web App Builder?

Question asked by SNAlliance on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by SNAlliance

Has anyone been successful in making the layer list in Web App Builder look more polished? It is a shame that Scene Online has such a professional looking layer display, that we can group layers and choose how the audience will toggle and view them, and that I can't seem to find similar choices available in Map Online or Web App Builder. I feel that I am stuck with just all my layers looking like this:3.JPG

I wish I could get the layer list to look half as nice as it does in other ESRI products... ArcMap, Scene, etc. The list looks unnecessarily simple; I would love to modify how my audience views my map and feel limited.


Bonus Question: Anyone know how users can control width of that side panel (white panel in above photo)? When I launch app, I can't change the size. Any help will award you 800 bonus points.