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Problems with API 4 beta running in a Windows Store application WebView

Question asked by disGolf on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by odoe


I was trying to get the official Create 2D Map sample running with the offline distribution of the API inside of a WebView in a Windows Store application.


It turned out to be a non-trivial task and I needed to make a few changes to the official API distribution to get the sample working.

Most of the problems were related to the URL scheme/protocol ms-appx-web: used by Windows Store applications’ WebViews.


Let’s start with the installation.

According to the official install.htm one should replace




That was not working for me at the first attempt so I decided to modify the entire baseUrl property.

I replaced

baseUrl:(location.protocol === 'file:' ? 'http:' : location.protocol) + '//' + "[HOSTNAME_AND_PATH_TO_JSAPI]dojo"



I’ve used the same trick also with the API version 3.14 a few months ago.


After I got the baseUrl property right the API started to load but it failed to get the basemap. The exception I was getting was “The system cannot locate the resource specified.” The problem was that the API was trying to get the basemap from an invalid URL


instead of


I managed to trace this problem back to a getabsoluteurl(a) method in init.js file.

It is incorrectly determining the URL scheme. It recognizes http and https only.

I fixed my problem my replacing a regular expression





This changed moved me one step further to another exception. This time it was complaining about


See that it’s again using the ms-appx-web scheme instead of http. I couldn’t find the place where this URL is being built.

I helped myself by prepending




in init.js.


For some reason I had to do the same trick for



Finally it all started to work and the basemap loaded and displayed correctly.


I know that my changes are not the best ones. I made just to move forward to get the sample running. They are not complex and I do not know what side effects they might have that I’ll run into later when I’ll start migrating our existing Windows Store application built with API 3.14.


It would help me a lot if there was an official support for this type of deployment in the future API 4 releases.