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'Failed to Send Updates' and data loss

Question asked by asmith_CPYI on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by asmith_CPYI

My team is using this app on an iPad mini paired with an SXBlue II GPS receiver for environmental field collection. It has worked properly the majority of the time, but our team has lost confidence in it because it has caused us to flat out lose data several times; however, the instances seem random, and I have not found much support on this issue elsewhere, so I am at a loss for fixing this.  It always involves the "Failed to Send Updates" error. This error even occurs when there is sufficient service in the city. Some times they will receive this error for every other feature in the same general location, so sometimes it works perfectly, and other times it does not.  The data seems to sit in limbo in the map until it is able to send updates, so they continue to try to send these with no avail.  More than once, the feature has 'disappeared' (literally, poof) from the map while in this limbo state, even though the map was left open.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Everytime we click Submit, we have to cross our fingers.