Labelling working in Collector, sort-of..

09-22-2014 05:57 AM
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I’ve actually discovered a scenario where labels do work in Collector (though I’m not sure why):

  • Turn labelling on for a simple line file geodatabase feature class in ArcMap 10.2.1
  • Publish the feature class as a service through ArcMap to AGOL
  • Add the published / hosted features to a web map in AGOL – the layer in the web map doesn’t have labels enabled
  • Download the web map and data in Collector for offline usage
  • Capture a new line feature offline and the label will appear

So Collector can do some sort-of labelling, any idea when this will be extended?

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Any news on this?

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Read this one: labeling point feature layer (feature service) in Collector for ArcGIS

That answers it - kind of...

But still: The whole issue about missing labeling on hosted feature services in Collector is a big lack of standard GIS-functionality. And it doesn't seem to have been fixed in the new 10.3 version.

Come on ESRI! What's the problem? If it (unfortunetly sometimes) can work with offline maps, then I suppose it is possibel to make it work all the time.

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