Cannot see ArcGIS Portal Map with Server Feature Service in Collector

08-06-2015 06:30 AM
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Our setup:

ArcGIS Server 10.3.1

ArcGIS Portal 10.3.1

Both use the IIS Web Adapter with Integrated Windows Authentication. 

I can connect to our ArcGIS Portal Instance from ArcGIS Collector from my Android device.  Often logging in is a challenge but occasionally I can make it and view the maps, however there is a message that

You don't have any maps for use with Collector. Learn More

I have editable maps published that use editable Feature Services hosted on our ArcGIS Server. I can edit the data using the Web Map Viewer in portal, and have saved the map since then, however the maps still don't appear in Collector.

Do you have any suggestions what is going wrong with these maps?

The login issues I have seem related to  and can usually be resolved by qualifying the username@domain, however sometimes I also see the odd web login below with no fields to enter the username and password. The SSL certificate on the host is signed by a trusted CA which is accepted by the browser on the android device.

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