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How to retrieve selection symbology stored in ArcMap using ArcGIS Javascript API?

Question asked by bforbhavin on Aug 5, 2015

We can set selection symbology in ArcMap on each layer from the Selection tab of the Layers-Properties. For example,


1) Open your map using ArcMap

2) Select any layer in TOC and right click. Click on Properties option. It will open up one popup.

3) Go to Selection tab.

4) Select any symbol.

5) Now, open attributes table and select one record. You will notice on the map that the feature is highlighted using same symbol that has been setup in step # 4.


I want to retrieve symbol setup in step #4 using ArcGIS Javascript API or REST. Can I do that?


I checked the rest url of the layer published on map service. But did not find selection symbol as per step # 4.


My business analyst says that using SOAP SDK, we were able to retrieve this information. Any input on this statement? I wonder if there is any way to fetch the selection symbol information using SOAP SDK. I tried LayerDescription - getSelectionSymbol() but it did not give any information. I tried this with ArcGIS Server 10.3.