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Capture a Screenshot and Save HTML Page with Map Content

Question asked by jwhite3328 on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by jwhite3328

Here is my situation, I have developed a web tool utilizing HTML, Javascript, and CSS. The tool looks wonderful on the screen, but when one goes to print the mapDiv does not show and the header/footer and other elements are squished together and makes it unusable to the end user. I have looked around the web a lot today and have been unable to find a solution that works to create a screenshot tool for the end-user to press and get their screenshot. Items I have looked into include:


html2canvas - Does not print the mapDiv

ESRI print digit - Only prints the  mapDiv and nothing from the HTML

phantomjs - Is an executable program which I do not want to run in case of failure

Fireshot API - Works, but only in certain broswers

CSS for printing - many colors not supported and would require a major overhaul to allow usage on many screens


So if anyone has an idea on how to make a button on my page which will in essence print screen the page and then prompt the user to the save the image for their usage later I would be eternally grateful. Also if any of the options I have already explored may be a solution please feel free to share on how to make a tool work in this fashion as well.


Thanks in advance