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Issues using control points to georeference multiple rasters

Question asked by cfw2 on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by cfw2

I have successfully georeferenced a UAV-generated image (4-band) using the georeferencing toolbar (using the Update Georeferencing option to create a world file).  I saved my link table.  A colleague had generated a classification from the original (ungeoreferenced) image.  It has the same number of rows and columns, but pixel values are different and it has only one band (not four).  I want to georectify this image in the exact same way using the same control points and the exact projected coordinate system.  However, when I try to apply the control points to this new derivative layer, I get collinearity issues and the two images do not line up at all. 


I would think that they're practically the exact same image-- why wouldn't control points from the first image work to register the second image?  I did notice that when the images were brought into ArcGIS in their unregistered state, their extents do not match (see attached screenshot).  Any idea of a work-around for this?  Or do I manually have to georectify the second image?