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"dojox/mobile/View" interferes with FeatureLayer on click event

Question asked by pstevlingson on Jul 27, 2015

When including "dojox/mobile/View" the FeatureLayer on click event is not firing.   Setting document.dojoClick = false before the event allows it to fire, but I don't fully understand why.


Simply removing "dojox/mobile/View" allows the click event to fire.  However, I would like to use the mobile functionality, so removing it is not a good option.  For now I'll use the document.dojoClick = false, but it would be helpful to understand what is happening and determine the best way to fix the problem.



     _registerAnalyzeAreaClickEvent: function() {                

            var surveyArea = mapServices.getLeakSurveyAreaFeatureLayer();

            document.dojoClick = false;

            var surveyAreaClickHandler = surveyArea.on("click",lang.hitch(this,function(evt) {

                    document.dojoClick = true;

                    console.log("survey area click");