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Secure SSL services in Web App builder failing.

Question asked by mike.robb on Jul 25, 2015
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What I want:

Have a Secure Service on ArcGIS Server and add it to Web app builder ultimately in a web service where that little prompt comes up. (Easy right?)


This process has no issue if NOT SSL.

1.     http://MACHINE:6080/arcgis/rest/services/TEST/TEST/MapServer

2.     Create New Web Map

3.     Web Map prompts user for credentials for the secure service

4.     Save Web Map

5.     Create Web App   .. the prompt again appears when loading


Now... I want SSL so...

on IIS, I create a Redirect for all HTTP traffic to go HTTPS (443).


1.  Server admin >> changed to HTTPS only

2.  Change Portal to SSL

3.  Create new Web Map

4     Web Map prompts user for credentials for the secure service  - SO far this looks promising

5.   Save Web Map

6.  Create Web APP -  and..... no layers...


same thing happens both with ONLINE and Portal.


How does one properly have Secure Map Services from ArcGIS Server show up in a web application HTTPS only??


I have tried going through the web adaptor...

I have tried HTTP and HTTPS blend

I have tried all kinds of things... I can only seem to get this to work with HTTP.

Has no problem using ?jsapi from ArcGIS Server to push the prompt..

Why does Web APP BUILDER NOT SHOW THIS when using HTTPS?

IT works as expected with HTTP...