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Getting started using Visual Studio - require is undefined

Question asked by Noodles484 on Jul 17, 2015
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     I'm transitioning from the silverlight api to the the javascript api.  (Reluctantly, because I really enjoy programming in C and using MVVM and XAML, way less developer plug-ins needed and easier to debug, but I digress.)  I grabbed a simple sample javascript api html file from esri's site and when I open it in chrome, it works no problem.  Then I tried to make this in Visual Studio 2013 (which is what I want to use as my IDE).


I first added in the plug-ins listed on the esri site and created a new project with the template javascript-->Store Apps-->Windows Apps-->Blank App.  I copied the html over to the default.html, but when I ran it (F5), it says "JavaScript runtime error: 'require' is undefined".  I looked around the forums but the only solution listed (changing the source in the script tag from .../3.14 to .../3.14/init.js) did not work.  Since I know the html works in a browser, how do I get Visual Studio to work with this api?  And what template should I use for a proper website, there aren't many listed for javascript?