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C# Add-In install error: No GUI components found in this Add-In.

Question asked by testingArcGIS10_3 on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by HSun-esristaff

I have written an Add-In in C# using the 10.1 SDK. When my client tries to install the Add-In he receives the following error dialog:



I have googled this to pieces to no avail. Solutions for other people seem to be about changing the target ArcMap version in the VS esri config file, but that can't be the issue here. I developed this for ArcMap10.1 and have successfully installed for two separate ArcGIS 10.3 instances ( was one, the other I don't know). So I think the target version shouldn't be the issue.


The ArcMap instance that is having trouble is on a Win 7 SP1 machine.


Anyone have an idea?