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Certain shapes crash CityEngine when generating models

Question asked by natestocker on Jul 15, 2015
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I'm having some issues with aligned shapes in CityEngine 2015.1.

Everything generally works fine, but when I try to generate models using my rule on certain aligned shapes it crashes CityEngine instantly. This is only on a handful of shapes out of 55,000, so finding the actual shapes which are causing the crashes is like finding a needle in a haystack! I've found them, but there's nothing really special about them - but they often have an astray vertex or two, which can be deleted to fix the shapes. However, the issue keeps popping up for new shape layers and I don't want to have to find and fix the shapes every time.

I've tried to pinpoint the cause and discovered that it only happens if the shapes have been aligned to the terrain - if they're flat at y=0, then they generate fine. They also generate fine with other rules applied. However, my rule is pretty long and complicated, so it's hard to pinpoint what in the rule could be causing the issue.


I'm wondering if it's a bug in 2015.1 around aligning the shapes. Does anybody have any thoughts about what could be causing the crashes?


I've attached the error log in case anybody can make more sense of them than I can