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Records from attribute table lost - General function failure

Question asked by Nikita12 on Jul 15, 2015
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Good Day all,


I am currently creating a simple GIS system to hold cadastral records. The intent of the system is to show geographically where a survey

was done, other attribute info and an image of the final plan. Therefore I created a file geodatabase (by the way I am using ArcGIS 10

Basic) to house the attribute data. The cadastrals are shown as points by using the Make XY Event Layer tool. In the attribute table for

cadastrals I also add a jpeg image of the final plan. My problem is that when I move the map and its associated items to another computer

I am unable to open the attribute table with all the records even after I redefine the source. I get a message saying general function error. But when open the cadastrals shapefile is opened in 10.3 demo, the records show. How can I fix this problem using ArcGIS 10 Basic?