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Question asked by shaunrconway on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by shaunrconway

Hello Everyone,


We have our Open Data Portal site up and running. Some of the items listed in the Data Report have the following error message:




Yet ... the data most often downloads without issue.

Our Open Data Portal is pulling data from about 10 services all running on our pubic facing ArcGIS Server. I cannot find any specifics on this error and have not been able to resolve it by

  • Starting/Stopping Service
  • Republishing Service
  • Recreating Item in ArcGIS Online designation Open Data group


What is confusing is that all of the items from a service will have this error, yet another service with the exact same settings (just different data) will not display this error.


I have checked the rest endpoint of the data without any issues.


Any help would be greatly appreciated,