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Flex Viewer 3.6 Web Application Authentication Issues

Question asked by twiet33 on Jul 10, 2015

I inherited a few Flex Viewer applications when I took my current job that were created and configured by the old GIS professional at my company who left. Two are very basic and are easy to adjust or edit accordingly. But... I seem to have hit a snag with the last one. The web app starts with a custom configsplash screen that offers two options that go to the two config.xml file configurations admin and user. The admin configuration after clicking the object takes you to the main Flex Viewer screen and arcgiserver asks for the admin username and password. This pulls up the administration map service layer that offers the entire view of polygons in the service which works fine. The user screen takes you to a different layer that is the user operational layer map service.... this is where I can't find the configuration. There are 6 users that when prompted for their ArcGIS Server Username and Password and it is entered are only shown the polygons that they are permitted to see. I can't find where this configuration is whether its token,proxy,ssl or sql?



Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.