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How to merge all the feature with same attribute into the largest one?

Question asked by ChenXingbo on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2015 by ChenXingbo

I got a line feature and a polygon feature and they both have date attributes which I need to compare, I want to use  join line attribute to polygon attribute with spatial join tool, but the line feature within target area have different attributes and I only want the attribute with the largest/longest feature. So How can I merge other small/short feature into the largest/longest feature?


Some other questions:

1.As picture below, the time logic should be fieldStartDate<fieldFinishDate<compStartDate<compFinishDate, all 4 fields are text not date type. I tried to change them into short integer, such as "2014-08-28" into "20140828", then subtracted one by one, if the result is negative, I know the date is wrong. But this is too complicated, is there any easy way to do it?


2.The original line feature was a total mess, instead of one single line there was dozens of line intertwined with each other and they break at intersections, I have to modify/merge/delete them one by one in order to make a single line, it took me a lot time, is there any easy way to do it too?

If anyone knows the answers, please help me, I've already taken 4 overtimes:(