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Is there a way to open a widget from within a pop up?

Question asked by rutkowskima on Jul 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2015 by junshan_liu-esristaff

I created a custom widget From within a popup, I created a link in the map-config.json file that I would like to use to open up the custom widget. However, I'm having trouble accessing the widgetmanager class from within the popup. Any ideas, tips, or clues to lead me in the right direction?


        "popupInfo": {

            "title": "PLANIT PARCEL LOCATIONS:<br /> {SiteName}",

            "fieldInfos": [{

                "fieldName": "ProjectId",

                "label": "ProjectId",

                "isEditable": false,

                "visible": true,

                "format": {

                    "places": 0,

                    "digitSeparator": false





                "fieldName": "ESRI_OID",

                "label": "ESRI_OID",

                "isEditable": false,

                "visible": false


            "description": "<script>function testing(){alert('Test is successful');}</script><div><div><b>Project ID:<\/b> {ProjectId}<\/div><div><br /><\/div><div><br /><\/div><div><a href='/Project/Edit/{ProjectId}' target='_blank'>Project Edit Page<\/a><\/div><div><a id='parcelProjectClicker' onclick='alert('need to open a widget here') style='cursor:pointer'>Test<\/a><\/div>",

            "showAttachments": false,

            "mediaInfos": []