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How to set Dynamic Map Service with Feature Layers map Extent (Clip)

Question asked by RichardH522 on Jul 6, 2015


You are provided with a geodatabase for an entire county.  The map service needs to be for a single neighborhood.  The data cannot be edited or processed in ArcMap through a clip or any other geoprocessing tool.  The data must have the capability of going offline through an extension of the feature layer.



What is the recommended method for requesting data from ArcGIS Server that is within an extent?  This is complicated by the fact that there are thousands of features in the layers so not all of the features appear on screen when the service initially loads using the SNAPSHOT request. 

Possible Solution:

I am thinking of using the ON_DEMAND request and requesting a selection set.


Other Solutions:

Is there a property for the map, dynamic layer, or feature layer that will always set the limits for the features returned from the server?   Should I use a geoprocessing service to clip all of the layers and return them as a service?


Thanks for the help!!